Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Taco Maker comes to NYC

Ask and you shall recieve. I secretly pray to the food gods, asking for diversity in New York City's street food in particular tacos. There are a few taco trucks in the five burroughs but the grand majority of the street food is still heavily dominated by halal meat. I personally enjoy some chicken and lamb over rice with extra white sauce and hot sauce but as a Latin Foodie, this city is lacking some quality tacos.

My wishes are not exactly answered yet but the expansion of a generic taco franchise is certainly a step in the right direction. In comes The Taco Maker (very straight forward). TTM is the largest quick service Mexican restaurant franchise in Puerto Rico and is quickly expanding across the US.

40 stores are set to open in Manhattan in the next 10 years. TTM, We welcome you with open appettites.

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