Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taco Kings of Sunnyside pt.1

If you are familiar with Sunnyside, Queens, you know about Dalia's Taqueria on 46th street on the Southern side of Queens Blvd. This taco truck has been satisfying late night taco craves for the past 15 years yet when searching for the truck online, I found very few comments.

It seems that the Vagabundos truck is overshadowing it's presence. I've yet to try Vagabundos but it's buzz has made me curious and we will post about them next week.

Could this be a classic case of everyone loving the underdog or are the Vagabundo tacos better than Dalia's. We'll shed some more light on our next post but here's our feedback on the ever-present 46th street tacos.

Of course I brought along my Mexican food meter (a.k.a. Jaquie) who rated the tacos 9 out of 10. Our hunger may have skewed the rating system but overall the quality of the meat was great and the double tortillas were warm and fresh. I've had all the meats here and prefer the tacos al pastor and chorizo.

The tortas (Mexican sandwich) were also very tasty. I'm not exactly sure where and when the word torta was transformed to signify sandwich but it's original Spanish meaning is 'pie' or 'cake'.
Either way, Dalia's tortas are served on toasted fresh bread with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and mayo. It definitely hits the spot after a night of partying or to grab a quick snack on the way back from Manhattan.

Cheap Eats: Tacos are $2.50 and Tortas are $5.50