Friday, June 19, 2009

Delicious Chimi Trucks, Where Are You?

Ever since I started writing this blog, my calorie consumption has increased a tiny bit. Workout routines were boring me, so I decided to join a zog sports soccer team. Soccer is a huge part of Latin American culture. If you ask me, it's one of the three elements that define Latin passion. The other two being music and food. Five minutes into our first game, I sacrificed my right ankle to stop a goal. I crawled off the field in agony and served my team as the limp cheerleader. In the second half, a teammate needed to catch his breath and I decided to hop on the field to serve as a momentary distraction, probably not my smartest choice of the night.

As easy as I limped off, I hopped toward an assist and scored a goal with my bad foot. My foot felt the agony, but my heart screamed "GOOOOOAAAALLL!!!".

I immediately had flashbacks of watching the 1990 world cup at my Aunt's house in Colombia. Freddy Rincon (Colombian Striker) scored the first goal any team had scored on Germany that year.

I remember the empanada I squished in my hand as I jumped up and down celebrating with the family. The celebration continued with beers, aguardiente that I managed to steal a few sips of at my 10 years of age, and fritanga (fried meats, potatoes and yuca). Though very greasy and fattening, fritanga is the perfect food to fuel a night of celebration.

Speaking of fritanga, as I limped to the subway on 215th street on the tip of Manhattan, I saw glowing lights in the distance. As I got closer, I realized that what looked like a strip club was actually a famed chimi truck (Dominican meat sandwich truck). Since it was my first time eating from a chimi truck, I ordered a regular chimi and snapped a few pictures on my phone.

Pig skin, pig ears and pig snout were sitting hot ready to be served along with other frituras (Dominican name for fritanga). Had I not sprained my ankle, my appetite might have allowed me to consume the frituras but the chimi would have to do.

Based on my preconceived notions of what a chimi sandwich should taste like, I'm assuming there are better options out there. This tasted like a sad meatloaf sandwich with overwhelming ketchup and bbq sauce. So, I want to plead somebody to point me in the right direction of a true chimi truck that will, hopefully, drive me to revisit this whole post.

Anyway, completely off the subject, I would like to state that I <3 New York. I just saw an African American guy wearing a Mexican sombrero and holding a bicycle seat on a subway platform. What a city...


  1. you want a good chimi truck go to higuey you gringo..

    pele would be proud of you (NOT)

  2. Providence Rhode Island has great chimi trucks

  3. come to combee rd lakeland florida, the are true dominicans that make the real deal chimi's omg delicious...........