Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dinner Tonight - Mini Plantain Steak Sandwiches

You may have noticed that Beyond Burritos has been dormant for the past few days. It's because Jaquie and I took a trip to Tulum, Mexico. I will be posting our food discoveries tomorrow, but in the meantime here's a quick spur of the moment plate we prepared for dinner tonight.

Feeling motivated from our days in paradise, we started off with "let's have some skirt steaks for dinner." Like a snowball effect of ideas, it became the little wonders you see above. At the supermarket, Jaquie locked her eyes on the green plantains and gave me her puppy face. Tostones (flattened & fried green plantains) are the one thing I have just about mastered. So I told her, "Let's make sandwiches out of skirt steaks and tostones," with a salivating urgency remembering the Jibarito, today's recipe of the day.

Jaquie thought of a garlic, onion and mushroom sauce to use as a topping. But the mushrooms were bad, which may have been meant to be, because I have a feeling the lack of mushrooms was the better move in this case.

She grilled the steaks and caramelized the onions in Worcestershire sauce and minced, sauteed garlic. I fried the plantains, mashed them and fried them again with salt and garlic powder. We added some salsa on the side with tomato and cucumber slices on top. I then grabbed the plantains that had crumbled apart when I mashed them and sprinkled them on top.

What a masterpiece! This was absolutely the best skirt steak dish I have ever tasted. That compliment won me some major brownie points with Jaquie ;)


  1. This looks unbelievably delicious! Thanks, danny!

  2. I love plantains! Those steak sandwiches look amazing.

  3. I must make these this weekend...why haven't I thought of this combo before?

  4. Why hasn't the entire world thought of this combo and why are they not selling this on every street corner... I'm drooling for some right now. What a tease to read and write about food before dinner.

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