Thursday, March 5, 2009

Milanesa ala Mexicana

Jaquie and I decided to stay in and replicate Milanesa ala Mexicana with a side of calabasitas and yummy orange rice. Gotta love Mexican rice!

Milanesa is the original version of what you may know as the Chicken fried steak. This lightly breaded, thin cut of beef is known as Chuleta Empanizada in typical Colombian restaurants. For a while as a teenager I was blind to anything else on the menu. So much so that Papa Hoyos used to surprise me with chuletas on a regular basis. I could NEVER refuse. Can you blame me?

Milanesa became very popular throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia because of immigrants from Milan, Italy and somehow made its way north to leave a footprint in Mexican menus as well.

When making it at home, we simply patted the steaks dry, coated them in flour, dipped them in some beaten eggs and covered them in seasoned breadcrumbs. They were fried with just enough oil to make them nice and crispy on each side. As a side, made with zucchini, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes and cheese, Calabasitas are light and delicious veggies that work well paired with any meat. The rice is an art form perfected by Jaquie and her family who refuse to use a rice cooker.

Fresh out of the frying pan, the Milanesa melts in your mouth and makes you wonder if there is a better fried food out there.

Finally, the Michelada! for some it can be an acquired taste. Beer is prepared with lime, salt and a chile powder of some sort. Refreshing and paired with the Milanesa makes a Perfect combination!


  1. You need to get to sunset park brooklyn for some seriously authentic Mexican food.

    Also if you want some delicious pollo milanesa, check out the torta at puebla mexican in the east village. here's a link to photos and the address:

  2. New York for authentic Mexican food? Come to texas if you want real Mexican food (which is really bland since many cant afford alot of spices). This Mexican food we have today is really TexMex.

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