Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chile Relleno Jackpot in Park Slope

Maria's Mexican Bistro/669 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 638-2344

All week i have been craving chile relleno; though I have only had this delicacy once or twice before, I was lucky enough to randomly choose a place that serves them delicious and authentic. That's the great thing about a Mexican girlfriend. You'll always know whether or not you're eating the real thing.

In search for a Mexican cafe in Brooklyn that no longer existed, we decided to take our chances on this rather large and dim lit restaurant. The staff was great and attentive. They even opened up the back patio to seat us in a better-lit table.

Decor was interesting, one thing that I liked were the open market sacks of chiles as we walked to the table. Shakira was playing in the background and just as we began to make fun of the music, two musicians began to play a guitar and a harp. I won brownie points by telling Jaquie that harps only come out in the presence of angels. Gotta love the cheesy lines.

Speaking of Cheesy, we had cheese dip that we think may have had some canned ingredients and, unfortunately, the type of cheese used was just regular mozzarella. It was still tasty.

Jaquie’s favorite customized beer, the michelada, is starting to grow on me and Maria’s Bistro makes it quite good.

Compliments of the house, some sauteed zucchini with garlic. Two thumbs up. I decided to top it on the guacamole, which was mashed fresh to perfection and served with fresh tortillas. Good stuff!

Since we weren’t too hungry we decided to just order some appetizers.
We split an order of sopes, which are made of thicker tortilla type dough topped with steak or chicken, beans lettuce and sour cream. This was average at best and completely overshadowed by the star of the meal, the chile relleno.

The texture of this mild chile poblano makes the perfect encasing to hold the warm thick cheese. Batter-fried to add some crispiness and topped with tomato sauce that is spiced just right to compliment the main ingredients. If my taste buds were a web browser I would quickly add this to my list of favorites, I suggest taking a trip to park slope, BK to try the chile relleno at Maria's Mexican Bistro. So good it deserves two pictures.

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  1. Yooo! This place sounds super yummy. I'm def going to make the trip out there...nothing like batter-friend, cheesy, deliciousness! you're so lucky Jaquie can point you to what great mexican food guys made me want a michelada so bad right now!

  2. Definitely check it out. Look forward to hearing how it went. Let's hang.