Friday, February 20, 2009


Fifty random New York city dwellers were asked the same question. What comes to mind when you think "Latin Food"? Answers were mixed based on people's expertise on the subject, but the top four answers were: Burritos, Tacos, Rice & Beans and Chipotle (Not the smoked pepper, the restaurant chain).

Now, I have nothing against Chipotle. As a matter of fact I endure the long lines every so often for a burrito bowl of Carnitas with hot sauce, some corn, a little sour cream and cheese. For those of you that have never eaten here, your choices are limited to a burrito, burrito bowl, salad or tacos. BUT, you better know exactly what you want when you arrive at the counter because when it's your turn, the pressure is ON. Ordering now leaves no room for "ummms". Here, the soup-nazi style production line will satisfy the daily Mexican or Latin American food cravings of thousands of Gringos from coast to coast. Just from looking at the extensive lines, you come to realize "Americans love Mexican Food". But Mexican, and Latin cuisine in general, extend so much further Beyond Burritos. The variety of flavors and ingredients are endless. Being Colombian myself, I have been blessed with opportunities to live in Colombia and visit several Central/South American and Caribbean countries and have fallen deeply in love with the cultures, especially the food.

The census estimates that by 2010 the population of the US will be 15% Hispanic and grow 10% more in the next 40 years. Latin eateries are springing out all over America beyond just Mexican food. I think everyone should be exposed to these wonderful cultures, which is why I have set forth on this mission. is a journey through the world of all Hispanic cuisine from street food to fine dining beginning in New York and other US regions. Down the pipe, we will explore the food cultures by touring the countries of the food's origin, but Baby Steps. So i welcome you to join me in this amazing journey.

At first, I'll be posting once a week, and comment away because feedback will only help the journey.


  1. Love the Blog keep it up.

  2. Me encantan los tamales de cualquier parte del mundo.

  3. excellent idea danny!!


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